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Garnet Reardon  

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Garnet's Bio

My art is a quest to discover deep insight about creation. I desire to sense, feel and visualize something more than words or thoughts. My art is approached from an introversive view, as opposed to reflecting extroversive manifestation.

I am fascinated by where thoughts come from. What comes before a thought? What comes before a feeling? What comes before?

The act of painting has many slight inferences and references to regular life through choices of color, transparencies, and the various marks themselves - those that are pre-thought, and those that are carefully chosen considering the story already on the canvas. Even the act of deleting a mark creates a mark! Eventually the painting is a layering of marks, of Samskaric imprints not dis-similar to how everyday life plays out. It is a series of decisions based on habit patterns.

My art depicts this layering of patterns to create a visual representation of how it looks and feels to be alive, breathing and fully engaged.

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