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Heida Halldorsdottir  

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Heida's Bio

My roots are in Iceland, the land of ice and fire. That is where my color palette comes from. My small island has rich history and tradition for story telling. I heard endless stories about the Vikings, the trolls that live in our mountains that turn into rock if the sun shines on them, and about the elves and fairies that live in the in flowers and trees. Those creatures could be good or bad, although most of them are good and serve to protect. Then there are the stories about hidden people; people that live in cliffs and large rocks. Those are people like us but they are all so beautiful. When they come about you can sometimes see them. Endless stories exist about men and women that are all light colored, with long white hair, decorated with gold. They come out and lure normal people into their rocks. In the rock, everything is bright gold and light, but if you choose to enter you will never come back. They have often served as guardians and every family has stories of how hidden people saved them from danger. A hidden woman saved one of my own ancestor from certain death by avalanche.

I am fascinated with the world in-between. A world where we have creatures that we normally can not see or touch but we choose to believe in or we at least have heard stories about them, such as spirits, angels, guardians, goddesses, hidden people, elves, trolls and animals.

The most challenging and rewarding role I have taken on is being a mother. It started when my belly grew bigger and bigger and I could feel another person was growing out of my own body; a process I had no control over. The transformation of the body, the birth and then seeing by small babies growing into adults is an amazing experience. I love the soft forms of the human body. I am drawn to the female form, maybe because I can relate to it better. Our body is a temple for our soul. It can take on different forms as it grows and ages from young to old and more experienced. I am very critical of the commercialization of the female body as a sexdoll stereotype and what some are willing to sacrifice for the longing to be accepted.

All of this is brewing in my head when I work on my creations. I pull from this pot of ideas and experience. My path is free and my work changes constantly on the way.

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