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Isabelle Gautier  

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Florals and Figuratives

Isabelle's Bio

Isabelle Gautier was born and grew up in Normandy, just a few miles from The Mont Saint Michel in north-western France. Her early artistic development was inspired by a love of nature, color and design. Her extensive travels across all continents have left a lasting impression on her oeuvre, making her artwork both personal and universal.

Influenced by the French impressionist artists of the 19th century, Gautier has a strong passion for 20th century expressionist painters as well. Represented by different galleries within the States, she has been selected by HGTV as the main artist for their Smart Home, FL in 2013.
In Atlanta she has been part of Trinity Spotlight on Art since 2011 including their Neiman Marcus Gallery.
Featured in soon airing "Chrisley Knows Best" show with BRIGHT ROAD PRODUCTIONS, Inc, Los Angeles, and in a film with Spitfire Studios, Atlanta Gautier is a prolific non-objective intuitive expressionist artist.

Gautierís work has been featured many times in Visual Language Magazine . In September 2014 she appeared among the Artists Out of Bounds, to watch and collect. In February 2015 Renee Phillips wrote in Manhattan Arts International "She Achieves Balance and Harmony".

Although her formal training at líEcole des Beaux Arts was drawing, Gautier has been mostly fascinated by colors and texture.

Working as a professional artist over the past twenty years, she has paused long enough to raise her children.Gautier moved to Atlanta in 1999 with her husband and two sons where she lives and works today.

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