Kim Dean


Kim Dean
My art is my journal. It is typically narrative, telling about experiences and things that surround me in day to day life. My pieces often attempt to take even the most somber aspects of the human condition and find a peaceful and sometimes humorous way to perceive it. I attempt to communicate a story or emotion using various imagery, often bits and pieces of the past. Although these items may have a specific meaning to me, I hope my work is supple enough so others can identify with and find their own interpretations. My current work focuses on the worlds of emotion beneath the surface. The way our thoughts and moods move and settle throughout the day: going from past to present to future, dreams and fears, confidence to insecurity, the way one days circumstance can be viewed both as blessing and burden. I have attempted to take this interplay between body and spirit to create a visual awkward moment; leaving open ended statements for the viewer to finish for themselves.