Pat Zalisko


Pat Zalisko
Recalling textures of the outside world, exploring relationships between forms, documenting the icons of my life, jotting down random thoughts in foreign languages and alphabets, obliterating and adding, and then doing it all again backwards or upside down -- this describes my creative process. powerful memories and perceptions bubble up. listening to music hushes the analytical and evokes a spiritual, internal realm. this personally meaningful visual language invites life's transitions. Pat has wonderful childhood memories of painting intricate Ukrainian eggs, pysanky, one of her first creative experiences. this distinctly feminist art form was developed thousands of years earlier and has ritualistically been taught to Ukrainian girls and women. born and raised in New York City, she was encouraged to pursue a practical career as an attorney. she retired from a successful legal career and fully embraced her passion for painting in her new environ of New Smyrna Beach. pat broadened her innate knowledge by studying with such instructors as Steven Aimone and Harold Garde, both of whom recognized her talent and commitment to creating art. Over the past several years, her art has regularly appeared in major private and public collections in the United States and abroad.